Week 1 Winner - Dencorub Performance of the Week

Congratulations to Annette Dudley - our Dencorub Performance of the Week winner!

Annette's winning entry is below -

Which sports centre do you play at? 
ISA Rockhampton
What is your team name? 
Skips & Megs
Which sports do you play? 
  • Cricket
How long have you been playing indoor sport for? 
20+ years
Do you have any pre game rituals/sporting superstitions? 
No, usually walk in from car park and straight in to bat or straight in to fielding to start the game
Have you ever had any serious sporting injuries? 
Who is your favourite sport hero/icon? 
My children
Favourite sports star you follow on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook?
my children
Which sports team are you most passionate about? 
Nth Qld Cowboys
What is your favourite sporting arena? 
Tell us about your most memorable moment in sport 
Going away representing Rockhampton for rep. Indoor Cricket and making new friends that last a lifetime. Getting best and fairest for B Grade Women's indoor cricket.
What is the best sport advice you've been given? 
play your own game
What is the best sports gift you've received? 
friendships that last a lifetime
What's your favourite Dencorub Product 
Extra Strength Heat Gel
Tell us about your performance of the week in 100 words or less
Playing for Skips and Megs I was fielding back net and the batter hit the ball to the side it bounced and came in line with me and I picked it up and flicked it back without looking and got the wicket.


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