AOC - Grand Final Winners, Player of the Series & All Star Teams

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The Australian Open Championships came to a conclusion on Saturday, wrapping up a week of extraordinary displays and unexpected results.  Congratulations to all that played and those named below.

2014 Monika Brogan & Alan Wilson Medals

Monika Brogan Medal - Briony Polinghorne (VIC)
Alan Wilson Medal - Lyle Teske (QLD) 

Lord's Taverners Shield

Queensland 99 - Victoria 26

Player of the Series - Brett Wilson (QLD)
Player of the Grand Final - David Searle (QLD)

2015 Lord's Taverners Shield All-Star Team

Brett Wilson (QLD)
Jarrod Connelly (VIC)
Haydn Brumm (QLD)
Nick Stallan (QLD)
Adam Sims (VIC)
Matthew Bell (SA)
Nathan Nunn (NSW)
James Rossiter (QLD)
Nathan Mahar (VIC)
Peter Kerin (SA)

Coach: Darryl Williams (QLD)

19 & Under Men's

Western Australia 103 - Victoria 99

Player of the Series - Travis Keys (WA)
Player of the Grand Final - Blair Oakley (WA)

2015 19 & Under Men's All-Star Team

Luke Taylor (WA)
Blair Oakley (WA)
Tristan Hoarau (QLD)
Blaine Schloss (QLD)
Travis Keys (WA)
Jordan Mackie (WA)
Adrian Lascu (QLD)
Jaymen McLean (QLD)
Josh Pettigrew (NSW)
Lachlan Sticklen (QLD)

Coach: John Keys (WA)

Open Men's

ACT 74 - Queensland 51

Player of the Series - Mitchell Thomas (SA)
Player of the Grand Final - Matthew Floros (ACT)

2015 Men's Cricket Australia High Performance Camp Players

Lyle Teske (QLD)
Vinesh Bennett (ACT)
Robert Fitzgerald (QLD)
Rhys Dearness (QLD)
Adam McDermott (QLD)
Matthew Floros (ACT)
Luke Ryan (ACT)
Andrew Boyle (QLD)
Corey Galloway (QLD)
Grant McDonald (ACT)
Jarrod Armitage (VIC)
Mark Rice (NSW)

Coach: Ross Gregory
Manager: Billy Floros

Development Players

Alexander Floros (ACT)
Blair Oakley (WA)
Tristan Hoarau (QLD)
Blaine Schloss (QLD)

Open Ladies

Victoria 93 - South Australia 38

Player of the Series - Briony Polkinghorne (VIC)
Player of the Grand Final - Danielle Montague (VIC)

2015 Ladies Cricket Australia High Performance Camp Players

Neisha Iles (SA)
Nicole Martin (VIC)
Taneale Peschel (WA)
Briony Polkinghorne (VIC)
Laura Shaw (VIC)
Stacey Oates (SA)
Jess Surace (VIC)
Danielle Montague (VIC)
Jessica O'Reilly (SA)
Sharni Di Maruro (VIC)
Kylie Rattray (SA)
Peta Maloney (QLD)

Player/Mentor: Jude Coleman
Coach: Donna Dalby
Manager: Maleah Harris

Development Players

Elly Donald (VIC)
Amy Jennings (VIC)
Adelaide Campion (VIC)
Paris Rafferty (VIC)


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