The cricket rankings have been reset for 2017, which means the rankings are now based on your 2017 performances.

Your 2016 performances are still available for you to view, but your comparative ranking is now based on your 2017 statistics.  Your new ranking will appear once you’ve played your third game this year*.

National Rankings are calculated using the stats from the games played in the centres' in-house social comps. You can view these nationally, by state or by venue.

The Tournament Rankings apply for all representative players (Super League, Major League & National). These stats are calculated from games played in these representative competitions.

*You must be registered in Spawtz with a confirmed email address to appear in the rankings. See the FAQ section below the rankings to find out how to register.


LAST UPDATED: 19/05/2024
Your contribution is calculated by subtracting the number of runs you concede when bowling from the number of runs you score when batting. This is your contribution towards the result. So if you score 25 runs while batting, and concede 15 runs when you bowl, your contribution is 10. A player’s contribution average is the sum of all contributions divided by the number of games played.


How do I find myself or a friend in the rankings?

Simply type your name (or your friend's name) into the search bar at the top of this page.  Select the appropriate name and then click the search icon.

When are the rankings and stats updated?

Updated rankings and statistics will be available every Monday morning

How are the rankings calculated?

The rankings are calculated using the statistics entered into the Scorer software. The data is entered by the umpire who is umpiring your game. The rankings is based on performances in the current calendar year and at the end of each year we will reset the rankings. For more information on how each ranking is calculated you can click on the “?” icon on each rankings box.

How can I share my ranking and stats with my friends?

You can share your rankings and stats on facebook and twitter by clicking the relevant icon on each rankings box (Allrounder, Batting, Bowling and Big Hitters)

What happens to my old stats when a new season starts?

The rankings retain statistics from previous seasons dating back to when your venue began using software.  Your rankings statistics on your profile page are shown in career view by default but can be broken down by year where applicable.  To see your previous year’s stats you simply need to select the appropriate year from the drop down under the Player Statistics heading.

Why can't I find my ranking or stats?

Rankings are only displayed for players who are fully registered with a confirmed email address in the software and have played more than 3 matches.  If your name is not displaying then you need to ensure that you are registered.

How do I register?

The easiest way to register is online on your sports centre website

  1. Go onto your sports centre site as if you were going to view your game times or your ladder
  2. Click on your team name to view your team profile
  3. On the top right of this page click on the “Join this team” button then click on “Click here to register”
  4. Fill in the registration form and click submit
  5. You then need to check your email and verify your email address
Have a question about your rankings?

First try hovering your mouse over the "?" on each rankings box.  

If that doesn't answer your question and you need more assistance please use our contact form