The greatest bowler in Australia

Who is the mystery man leading IN2INDOOR’S Indoor Cricket Bowling Rankings?

Is he rapidly pacey? Or the next Shane Warne? We don’t know what he bowls, but there can be no doubt as to who the country’s best bowler is – James Levy is head, shoulders, and torso above anyone else in the country.

In fourteen matches for the Role Models, playing at Thomastown Indoor Sports, he has conceded a miserly total of only two runs, leaving him with the remarkable economy of just 0.09.   His IN2INDOOR Rating of 22,400 means he is almost five times as valuable as Todd Friend, who is second in the standings at 4,582.50.

Do you have a mate who you’re sure is at least as good as Mr Levy? If so, get them to register for IN2INDOOR’s Indoor Cricket Player Rankings today!

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