IN2INDOOR Cricket Rankings – Weekly Update

It's all about consolidation this time up in the IN2INDOOR Cricket Rankings, with the leaders across all of our categories holding onto their positions after another week of exhilarating play.

The juggernaut that is James Levy looks unlikely to surrender his station anytime soon, with a mind-boggling IN2INDOOR Bowling Rating of  26,250.00.

Meanwhile James Chatman makes his debut as the nation’s top all-rounder with a rating of 36.67, and the Wild Dog Dingos’ Chris Rowe continues his run as Australia’s biggest hitter with a record reading 90 (44).

Rounding out the big four is Lindzee Peckham of The Master Batters fame, whose Batting Rating of 14,421.20 makes him a clear leader in the willow-wielding stakes.

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Matthew McRae

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