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Over 360 girls & boys competed in the Australian Junior Championships across 30 teams.  96 players have been selected to represent Australia and are named below. Congratulations from in2indoor to all that played in the Juniors and to those named below.

13 & Under Boys

Player of the Series - Brodee Foster (WA)
Player of the Grand Final - Connor Phillips (VIC)

2015 Australian 13 & Under Boys Team

Tom Lunt (QLD)
Jake Fraser – McGurk (VIC)
Connor Carroll (QLD)
Kevin Seth (VIC)
Connor Phillips (VIC)
Ethan Debono (NSW)
Nick Carroll (QLD)
Brodee Foster (WA)
Dev Jhamb (VIC)
Ben Lammardo (VIC)
Kyle Cosson (WA)
Rob Staplehurst (QLD)

Coach: Shane Suckling (VIC)
Team Manager: John McLochlan (QLD)

2015 Australia A 13 & Under Boys Team

Jordan Hesline (VIC)
Reiley Mark (VIC)
Tahj Johnston (VIC)
Jake Richter (QLD)
Mitchell Doolan (QLD)
Alex Perkins (QLD)
Connor Corscadden (NSW Blues)
Sanjiv Weerasingham (NSW Blues)
Jarrod Prosper (NSW Cyclones)
Joshua Campbell (NSW Blues)
Toby Rogers (ACT Blue)
Tom Coady (NSW Cyclones)

Coach: Andrew Sweet (QLD)
Team Manager: Richard Walker (QLD)

15 & Under Boys

Player of the Series - Ryan Peter-Budge (VIC)
Player of the Grand Final - Euan Fletcher (SA)

2015 Australian 15 & Under Boys Team

Cameron Bullard (SA)
Ryan Peter-Budge (VIC)
Sashin Garber (VIC)
Ethan Claux (WA)
Jesse Messere (WA)
Josh Laird (QLD)
Jay Allen (ACT)
Hugo Ferdinand (VIC)
Ross Nesbitt (WA)
Euan Fletcher (SA)
Daniel Scholtz (VIC)
James Collins (WA)

Coach: Wayne Fontana (WA)
Team Manager: Tony Pahi (VIC)

2015 Australia A 15 & Under Boys Team

Riki Boschma (SA)
Harry Tonks (QLD)
Hashan Ekahayake (NSW Blues)
Brock Larance (NSW Cyclones)
Cameron Todd (WA)
Sean McCullum (SA)
Callan Gilboy (VIC)
Tyler Harris (ACT)
Tom Atlee (NSW Cyclones)
Tyson Miller (SA)
Daniel Pretty (NSW Cyclones)
Sebastien Smith (QLD)

Coach: Kristian Olsen (QLD)
Team Manager: Martin Anderson (QLD)

17 & Under Boys

Player of the Series - Benji Floros (ACT)
Player of the Grand Final - Adrian Lascu (QLD)

2015 Australian 17 & Under Boys Team

Benji Floros (ACT)
Jaymen McLean (QLD)
Wade Burrowes (NSW Cyclones)
Noah Criddle-White (WA)
Hammish Chapman (QLD)
Tom Scobble (NSW Cyclones)
Harry Curley (QLD)
Kurt Prosper (NSW Cyclones)
Sam Stead (QLD)
Logan Ayers (ACT)
Adrian Lascu (QLD)
Joshua Fontana (WA)

Coach: Ron Olsen (QLD)
Team Manager: Danny Staff (QLD)

2015 Australia A 17 & Under Boys Team

Zachary Schwarz (SA)
Daniel Battaglene (QLD)
Adam Seary (ACT)
Grant Robertson (NSW Cyclones)
Dion Krisanski – Kennedy (QLD)
Jun Tominaga (North QLD)
Kai Kickey (WA)
Lachlan King (VIC)
Tom Seaman (ACT)
Lachlan Ferguson (SA)
Tyler Van Luin (ACT)
Jake Wood (NSW Cyclones)

Coach: Greg King (NSW Cyclones)
Manager: Mark Kulynycz (WA)

17 & Under Girls

Player of the Series - Zoe Griffiths (VIC)
Player of the Grand Final - Kirsten Smith (NSW Cyclones)

2015 Australian 17 & Under Girls Team

Carly Leeson (NSW Cyclones)
Samantha Dixon (QLD)
Zoe Griffiths (VIC)
Alex Weeks (QLD)
Lauren Cheatle (NSW Cyclones)
Sophie Heath (NSW Blues)
Amy Riddell (NSW Cyclones)
Katrina Dixon (QLD)
Kirsten Smith (NSW Cyclones)
Kirsten Davey (QLD)
Emma Medland (VIC Blue)
Rachael Trenaman (NSW Cyclones)

Coach: Kerrie Brill (NSW)
Team Manager: Cindy Kross (WA)

2015 Australia A 17 & Under Girls Team

Georgia Hendy (QLD)
Maddie Wright (VIC Blue)
Blayne Gibbs (NSW Blues)
Zeldine Barnard (QLD)
Laura Avard (NSW Cyclones)
Chloe Rafferty (VIC Blue)
Hayley Hoffmeister (NSW Blues)
Clare Lennon (NSW Cyclones)
Caitlan Edmunds (SA)
Eloise Gardner (VIC Blue)
Isabella Weber (VIC Blue)
Sarah Lennon (NSW Cyclones)

Coach: Peter Fry (QLD)
Manager: Maleah Harris (QLD)

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