AMC Afternoon Update - Day 2 - Close call for NZ Northern Over 40s

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

The Australian Masters Championships kicked off yesterday at Ultimate Indoor Sports.

Already we are seeing indications of which teams will make the finals and which teams need to turn things around.

Most matches have been pretty decisive so far with comfortable enough margins, save for a nail-biting 1 run New Zealand victory over North Queensland in the Over 40s.  New Zealand’s Zachary Pratt quickly went from villain to hero after being bowled twice consecutively he pulled out a 7 on the penultimate delivery to re-establish the New Zealand lead which ended in victory following a dot-ball.

It’s early days, but while Zachary’s 7 may have been the most important, three other players sit atop the rankings for Most 7s Hit.  

Check out all the stats here:

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