Week 6 Winner - 2017 Dencorub Performance of the Week

Congratulations to Roni Lee Nuku - our sixth Dencorub Performance of the Week winner for 2017.

Roni Lee receives our sixth prize pack valued at $500.  If you think you deserve a prize pack too then to tell us about your Performance of the Week

Roni Lee's winning entry is below - well done Roni Lee!

Which sports centre do you play at? Springvale Indoor Sports Centre
What is your team name? Aroha Nui
Which sports do you play? Netball
Do you have any pre game rituals/sporting superstitions? Warm up listening to music
Who is your favourite sport hero/icon? All the netballers
Which sports team are you most passionate about? Silver Ferns
What is the best sport advice you've been given? You are your worst critic
What's your favourite Dencorub Product Extra Strength Heat Gel
Tell us about your performance of the week in 100 words or less So far have been pretty intense games for us. Because we are on top of the table, teams we are coming up against have a 40 goal lead on us. This pretty much means our team from the 'GET GO' have to work our BUTTS off to catch up and come away with the win! Fortunate for us with team work, no subs and a lot of sweat we have come away with the wins! :)


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