2016 INFA Junior Nationals - Quick Update

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

There are only a few more games to play before we're into the semis at the INFA Junior Nationals

On the rest day we tried to make some predictions. Let's take a look and see how that's going.

13 & Under Ladies
We predicted that the Sparks would win the title on Saturday and so far they seem to have a stranglehold on the 7's. The Sparks 6's team didn't lose a single match and there's no reason to think otherwise here.

15 & Under Ladies
The Waratahs are undefeated so far in the 7's. The Queensland Fever are also undefeated and so the finals series is looking like being the 6's finals take two. This prediction is on shaky ground, making the finals series in this division a must watch

17 & Under Ladies
Queensland Heat are out to prove In2indoor wrong. Currently undefeated in the 7's and sitting atop the table, our prediction of the Waratahs repeating 2015's success is under threat. With the Waratahs in second place it's certainly not over yet and don't forget about the Vikings sitting in third place who would love to spoil the party for Queensland and New South Wales.

17 & Under Mixed
One player makes all the difference it seems as it's all maroon at the top. Queensland Flames and Wildfire occupy the top two positions on the table. At this point it seems like the Flames might repeat, but as the Crowns showed in the 6's, finishing in 1st place doesn't mean you'll win the trophy. We'd predicted Victoria Steel might win and although they're in equal 3rd they did beat the Wildfire this morning, and so we could still be right.

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