2016 Australian Masters Touring Teams!

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Announced on Saturday at the Australian Cricket Masters Awards Dinner, we are proud to reveal the Australian Masters Touring Teams for 2016.

The Australian Masters Touring Teams will be travelling to Birmingham, UK in October this year to play in the WICA 2016 Masters World Series at Action Indoor Sports Birmingham! We wish all those playing the very best and hope that Australia can bring home the goods.

The teams are listed below and you can still watch the replays, check out the Grand Final Winners (including Player of the Series) and the final Rankings for the tournament.


Australian Touring Teams

Australian Over 50 Men's Team
Coach: Rod Chilcott
Manager: Tony Pahi

Barry Morrison QLD
Greg Mears NSW Blues
Mal Challen SA
John Trela WA
Jamie Seymour QLD
Tony Plose VIC
Todd O’keefe NSW Blues
Michael Todd QLD
Stephen Ahearn NSW Blues
Wayne Turner VIC
Phil Broadhead NSW Blues
Andy Walton WA

Australian Over 45 Men's Team

Coach: Peter Leerson
Manager: John McLochlan

Brad Larkin QLD
Roo Clayden WA
Glen Fitzgearld QLD
Brett Williams WA
Rob Boiston QLD
Peter Bastow NSW
Rod May ACT
Peter Van Vegten VIC
Troy Pitt QLD
John Short NSW
Phil Proctor QLD
John Kuljis WA

Australian Over 40 Men's Team

Coach: Rod Jenkins
Manager: Grant MacQuarrie

Brenton Brien QLD
Daniel Lake QLD
Joel Boucher QLD
Mark Chicken NSW
Chris Allen VIC
Jay Jeha QLD
Alex Kwong ACT
Matt Jenkins QLD
Nathan Rennie ACT
Leigh Holt QLD
Kerry Stewart QLD
Brett Klumper WA

Australian Over 35 Men's Team

Coach: Kevin Ala-Outinen
Manager: Richard Dekaste

Scott Rainbow QLD
Liam Zammit NSW
Matt Holwell NSW
David Dervan VIC
Russell Partridge NSW
Glynn Knox QLD
Matt Fitt VIC
Mark Hines QLD
Rick Lucey NSW
Stewart James QLD
Adam Britt NSW
Paul Lochel QLD



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