2016 INFA Junior Nationals Champions

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

Introducing your junior netball national champions for 2016.

First up - 6s champions

13 & Under Ladies - 6s

The Sparks simply didn't lose any matches which is the best strategy for winning trophies.

15 & Under Ladies - 6s

The Waratahs won this division last year and have held on for another year.

17 & Under Ladies - 6s

Queensland Heat had the same winning stream as the 13s and simply won all their games from Day 1 to Grand Final.

17 & Under Mixed - 6s

The South Australia Crowns finished 3rd on the ladder but had dominating run to the Grand Final, mashing all in their path.

Next - 7s champions where we tried to make some predictions.

13 & Under Ladies - 7s

The Sparks ended up winning every single game they played in the 6s and 7s.  We predicted that they'd win the 7s Grand Finals and they did.

15 & Under Ladies - 7s

Just as the Sparks owned the 13s, the Waratahs owned the 15s.  They weren't undefeated, but they were reigning 2015 champions and 6s champions.  They won the 7s again and so our second prediction was also correct.  

17 & Under Ladies - 7s

So far, it seems to be a tournament of repeat winners where winning the 6s and winning the 7s go hand-in-hand.  We took a risk and predicted the Waratahs, but in the end they were knocked out in the semis and Queensland Heat beat the Vikings to 7s glory.

17 & Under Mixed - 7s

The flames were knocked out by the SA Crowns in the 6s preliminary finals are losing to Victoria Steel.  In the 7s they made no mistakes and remained undefeated, proving our prediction of the Steel to be incorrect.

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