Week 12 Winner - Dencorub Performance of the Week

Congratulations to Lachlan Cesnik - our final Dencorub Performance of the Week winner.

There is only one prize pack left to give away so tell us about your performance of the week here

Lachlan's winning entry is below - well done Lachlan!

Which sports centre do you play at? Newcastle Indoor Sports - Warners Bay
What is your team name? Brocks
Which sports do you play? Soccer
How long have you been playing indoor sport for? 4 weeks
Do you have any pre game rituals/sporting superstitions? We are new so we get there and scope out the teams to see if we are going to get flogged or not which is always interesting. It's all about fun at the end of it plus we all wear black to try look better
Have you ever had any serious sporting injuries? Yes
Who is your favourite sport hero/icon? Ronaldo
Favourite sports star you follow on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook? John Cena
Which sports team are you most passionate about? Australia
What is your favourite sporting arena? Hunter Stadium
Tell us about your most memorable moment in sport When I played cricket when I was about 7 or 8 my team was killing it and all I had to do was get 6 runs to win. We still had one more batsmen to come on. I got 4 runs. Then the next ball came and hit my box which shattered and I retired at 4 while waddling off in pain with shards of plastic in my pants. We won however and I got man of the match and a bag of ice. Loved every minute
What is the best sport advice you've been given? Keep trying your hardest never give up and you'll be the best one day
What is the best sports gift you've received? A signed cricket bat from Australian players at the time
What's your favourite Dencorub Product Extra Strength Heat Gel
Tell us about your performance of the week in 100 words or less Went alright I guess got beaten but it's all about fun and hanging with mates. It's pre-Comp so we are seeing what everyone is made of


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