2016 WINA Indoor Netball World Cup Live

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

You can watch lives games from the 2016 WINA Indoor Netball World Cup right here!

Live streams will be available on 22-23 and 26-27 August. Match details will be posted soon, but meanwhile you can watch replays of the 2015 Aged Indoor Netball World Series

You will need to purchase the stream to be able to watch. Please note, In2indoor are not a benificiary of the ticket sales which are to cover costs of the stream and are also invested back into the sport. To purchase a ticket simply click "Buy All Events" in one of the players which will then give you access to both streams - you do not need to purchase a ticket to the stream twice.

Streams courtesy of i-Film. Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions if you have issues with the streams.

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