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Warm Up & Cool Down

Warm Up

An effective warm-up is an essential part of injury prevention. A warm-up should be performed prior to every training and competition session so that you are able to begin the event totally ready to perform at maximum intensity.

A good warm-up prior to activity aims to perform the following major functions:

  • Raise body temperature
  • Increase heart & lung activity
  • Prepare the body for exercise, both physically and mentally
  • Increase body’s efficiency

The good warm-up consists of:

  • Light activity sufficient to raise a light sweat for example, jogging
  • Stretching of muscle groups to be used in activity
  • Sport specific movements of higher intensity
  • Sport specific skills

This activity should be followed by a stretching session.


Stretching is an important part of training as it helps to reduce the risk of injury. Without adequate stretching, muscles lose their flexibility and may be injured. Click here to find out more about stretching.

Cool Down

A cool-down should be completed after every session. The warm down helps to ensure the body is as fully recovered as possible in preparation for the next session.

The cool-down consists of:

  • Lower intensity activity
  • Stretching of the major muscle groups used during the session

The cool-down aims to:

  • Remove lactic acid from the muscles
  • Decrease waste products from exercise
  • Maintain circulation to muscles used
  • Decrease muscle spasm