Australian Junior All Star Teams

Announced at the INFA Junior Nationals in December, we are proud to present the Australian Junior All Star Teams! Congratulations to those listed below and to all who played in the Junior Nationals.

12 & Under Ladies All Star Team
Aliyah Wilson (QLD)
Rylee Masoe (QLD)
Maddison Diener (NSW)
Salani Aigamaua (NSW)
Tegan Dunn (NSW)
Shaia Tautua (QLD)
Charniah Shepherd (NSW)
Shiprah Lemusu (QLD)
Ava Black (QLD)
Amaris Toia (QLD)
Baylee Strapp-Wyllie (QLD)
Sarah Ellis (QLD)
Coach: Leah Ala-Outinen
Manager: Rylee Ala-Outinen

14 & Under Ladies All Star Team
Alannah Tauta (NSW)
Cherish Leota (QLD)
Maddison Robertson (NSW)
Leah Pue (QLD)
Jasmine Daniels (VIC)
Courtney Castle (NSW)
Portsea Tourton (QLD)
Tyler Pelligra (NSW)
Montana McKinnon (SA)
Riely Batcheldor (QLD)
Sofia Metaxouli (NSW)
Bailey Stephens-Makiha (QLD)
Coach: Emilee Lang
Manager: Applee Kannengresser

16 & Under Ladies All Star Team
Rebecca Rounds (QLD)
Kayla Nakhoul (NSW)
Charlotte Preston (QLD)
Taylor Walker (NSW)
Lucabelle Rynne (QLD)
Stephanie Vukovic (NSW)
Madison Lardner (VIC)
Emma Fairhurst (QLD)
Ellie Johnston (NSW)
Madison Conwell (QLD)
Angela Cloeraine (NSW)
Jessica Leonard (NSW)
Coach: Georgia Chong
Manager: Sue O'Brien

16 & Under Mixed All Star Team
Lance Folbigg (QLD)
Alexandra West (QLD)
Chelsea Imanisani (VIC)
Ben Ryan (SA)
Amelia Soloai (QLD)
Taylor Harris (QLD)
Cooper Ellis (NSW)
Andrew Hamilton (QLD)
Ihaka Leonard (QLD)
Raemiga Raeli (QLD)
Breannan Smith (SA)
Coach: Lillian Ervera
Manager: Justine Olsen

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