Shooting straight fire

From an early age, we’ve been taught to use the instep of our foot to shoot, but did you know that the old-fashioned toe-punt is an effective way to score in Indoor Soccer?

Firstly – let’s not confuse the toe-punt (or toe-poke) with a big wind-up and shot on goal. If you ever have time to take your shot, you should almost always use your instep, or the inside of your foot. Using your toes for shooting is perfect, however, when you have limited time, or when you’re in tight spaces. With such little backlift, the TP is almost impossible for opposition defenders to anticipate.

But what about on the breakaway, or counter-attack? If the goal-keeper is staying on his/her line, it’s almost always recommended that you take your time to finesse/place your shot. However if the ‘keeper rushes at you, old-mate toe-punt can be extremely effective in catching ‘Glovesy’ unawares.

When you see that opening present itself, pull the TP trigger – it requires little movement, and the opposition won’t see it coming – perfect for the Indoor game.

Have you thought about using your toe to shoot lately?

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