2016 Trans-Tasman Homework

Photo Source - Wellington Photographer

The last time Australia and New Zealand clashed at international level was the 2014 Indoor Cricket World Cup and photo above perfectly captures what happened.

We provided comprehensive coverage of the World Cup, but for a quick summary read on.

Australia were undefeated from go to whoa, winning all 12 league games, then storming through the semi and grand final.  They scored 1633 runs in the league games and only conceded 539!

Australia's captain Lyle Teske, whom was also captain in 2014, will have is eye on a 5-0 sweep.

As with the Mens, the Australian women won all 8 league games, then advanced straight to collecting the cup.  They scored an equally impressive 1198 runs in the league games and only conceded 445!

U20 Men
More of the same.  Won all games including the grand final, but their run difference was not nearly as tight as the Mens and Womens scoring 1199 but condceding 902.

Two years on will the New Zealand side be able to shake them up?

U20 Women
They won the grand final, but they dropped two league games along the way.  The Aussies finished in top spot thanks to their tremendous skins tally, but New Zealand won more games in the end.

The Kiwis could really ruffle some feathers here, but perhaps the home advantage will lift the Aussies and keep the Kiwis at bay.  The junior divisions in this year's Trans-Tasman could yield some exciting matches.

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