BBI - Building to a Crescendo in Club Championship Battle

Photo Source - Clusterpix Photography, Article by Jonathon Momsen

With the season entering its closing stages, the race for the club championship is on. While some teams are struggling at the back of the pack, some teams are locked in to a finals berth already, but they still have it all to play for.

The Big Blast Indoor Club Championship has been named in honour of Eddie Sultan, a man who was a truly loved figure in the indoor cricket community who sadly passed away earlier this year. The Eddie Sultan Trophy will be awarded for the first time at the conclusion of the season and will be a tremendous honour for the franchise that receives it.

The points for the Club Championship are weighted by grade, with 5s being award points as is, 4s multiplied by two, 3s by three, 2s by four and Premier League by five. This means that while the top grades earn the most points, some valuable points can be gained in the lower grades as the championship is already looking very tight even with a handful of games left this season.

Liverpool Bulls (772pts) currently hold a slim lead with Newcastle Steel and Castle Hill Cougars tied for second (746pts). Hills Tigers (617pts) and Penrith Storm (614pts) are next followed by Peakhurst Devils (496pts) and St Mary’s (489pts) rounding out the bottom of the ladder.

Looking at the table it’s easy to see how hotly contested the Club Championship will be, with each skin in each grade playing a part in deciding who will lift the Eddie Sultan Trophy. 

Team Points
Liverpool Bulls 772
Newcastle Steel 746
Castle Hill 746
Hills Tigers 671
Penrith Storm 614
Peakhurst Devils 496
St Mary's Vipers 489

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