2016 WICF Masters World Series - Mid-week update

Photo Source - Action Indoor Sports Birmingham

We're just past the halfway point in the competition and the Aussies are on track.

At the start of  Wednesday 26 Australia are leading 4 of the 5 divisions and are second in the Over 35 Men's, currently lead by New Zealand (ladders).

Over 35 Women
The Aussie Women have only dropped one game against South Africa, but because of their insatiable appetite for winning skins are well clear in first place. Notable mentions go to Shelly Savage and Kerry Johnson putting in solid contributions with both bat and ball.

Over 35 Men
Despite a better win,loss,draw record than New Zealand, Australia remain in second place thanks to New Zealand scooping up skins wherever they can. True to form Liam Zammitt has so far hit the most 7's for the tournament and is backing up with the ball.

Over 40 Men
The Over 40 Aussies appear to be on easy street, winning all their games by a margin of 100 runs save for one game against South Africa where the difference was 71 runs. Such domination is propped up by Allrounder Joul Boucher and leading tournament wicket-taker Brenton Brien.

Over 45 Men
As of this morning, the 45's is EXTREMELY tight (and England is also there). Just two points separate Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Glen Fitzgerald is leading the way with a healthy contribution average of 13. This is our pick to follow, we know England are out but it's anyone's guess who comes out on top here.

Over 50 Men
Aside from a close call against New Zealand(scoresheet) rescued by Barry Morrison and Jamie Seymour, it's been another smooth run to the finals. Barry Morrison has been very handy for the Aussie Over 50's putting away 113 runs and taking 13 wickets

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