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Equipment & Environment

Equipment such as:

  • footwear
  • taping & braces
  • shin pads
  • mouthguards
  • protective padding
  • helmets

have been specifically designed to reduce the risk or severity of injury.


The physical and climatic environment will have an impact on the risk of injury to an athlete. To prevent injury these risks should be minimised by considering

  • Weather conditions
    • Cold weather can increase muscle stiffness, a longer warm-up may be required and warm-up after rest periods is advised
    • Sunshine exposes you to risk of sunburn (slip, slop, slap)
    • Hot conditions expose you to an increased risk of heat illness and dehydration
  • Hydration
    • Sweat rates increase in hot conditions and so you are at an increased risk of dehydration. To be well hydrated prior to starting the activity and continuing to hydrate throughout and after will help to minimise the risk of dehydration and heat illness
  • Clothing
    • There are fabrics which have been designed to draw sweat away from the body and so help enhance the natural cooling system of the body
  • Playing surfaces / area
    • The playing surface, equipment and surrounding area should be well maintained and meet any safety requirements of the sport
  • Hygiene
    • Areas such as changing rooms should be kept clean to avoid the transmission of disease
    • Equipment such as towels and water bottles should not be shared as infection and illness can be transmitted by sharing with other athletes
  • Rules
    • Specific rules are designed to provide a safe environment for the participant and spectator and should be adhered to by coach, officials and athlete

Source: Australian Sports Commission

 Always consult a doctor or healthcare professional before beginning a fitness program.