2016 Australian Junior Championships - A Tale of Two States

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

If it's not NSW it's Victoria. Victoria are dominating the Girls Divisions, whlie NSW have got the Boys covered.

This bodes well for the Victorians knowing there is a healthy supply of players ready to make the jump into the Open Women's team who are now back to back champions.  NSW on the other hand will hoping that the junior boys will re-invigorate the NSW squads as they graduate to Open Men's over the coming years.  Victoria are edging ahead in the 13 & Under Boys, but both NSW sides are breathing heavily down their neck.

Still, across the other divisions the competition is very tight and Victoria and NSW will need to keep applying the pressure if they're going to follow through on their great results so far.  The 15 & Under Boys could realistically go to any of the top 4 so be sure to keep a close eye on that division. Check out the ladders here

Don't forget you can watch all this unfold live on Friday and Saturday so check out our live streams page

Also you can keep track of the finals series here

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