Australian Open Championships - Mens & Ladies defending champions back on home turf

Photo Source - Power Shots Photography

Saturday night will see the opening ball of the 2015 Australian Open Championships delivered  to officially mark the starting of the competition.

19 teams will descend upon Inside Sportz Strathpine and the competition will be fierce from the get go.

Last year's competition in Werribee saw Queensland walk away with the Open Mens and Ladies titles and achingly close in Mens and Ladies U20s competition.

Victoria won the Lord Taverner's Shield convincingly but over the ever present Queensland who will look for a 4 trophy haul on home turf this year.

2014 Grand Final Results

Open Ladies Queensland 140 - Victoria 96
Open Mens Queensland 130 - Victoria 95
Lord's Taverners Shield Victoria 90 - Queensland 75
U20 Ladies New South Wales 99 - Queensland 96
U20 Mens Western Australia 130 - Queensland 129


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