Australian Masters Championships - Who to Watch in 2015

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

The Masters of Indoor Cricket will descend upon Ultimate Indoor Sports this Sunday to decide who really are the Masters.

Last year's results reads more like a State of Origin than a Nationals comp.  Will the other states rise up or will Queensland dominate again?

If the Netball Super Nats are any indicator, Queensland will be strong but will surrender a few titles this year, at the same venue no less.

One thing for sure is that we're in for another nailbiting series. The Grand Finals will be live on in2indoor so be sure to check back for further details.

Last years Grand Final results:

Division Winning Side Runner Up Score
Over 30s Queensland NSW 107 - 100
Over 35s Queensland NSW 107 - 95
Over 40s Queensland NZ Northern 122 - 41
Over 45s  NSW Queensland 118 - 52
Over 50s Queensland NSW 97 - 96




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