AOC Afternoon Update - Day 4 - Brett Wilson leads the charge for Queensland Lord Taverners

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

While the battle for national glory wages on in the Australian Open Championships Indoor Cricket, In2indoor is taking a brief departure from the action to consider one of the brilliant individual efforts that have been displayed in the competition so far.

As things stand, no one can hold a candle to QLD LTS’s Brett Wilson who is the standout performer across the championships with 6 7’s hit, 120 runs scored and 10 wickets in the bag. What’s more, Wilson is showing no signs of slowing after contributing a massive 41 in QLD’s match against SA in the LTS competition yesterday.

Wilson is clear ahead of his nearest rivals, including Liam Zammitt who belted 14 7's at the Masters, will all do very well if they can threaten Wilson’s mantle in the coming rounds.

See the all the stats, scores and fixtures here:

Matthew McRae

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