AMC Afternoon update Day 6 - Morning version

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Today the teams will decide amongst themselves who will play in the Grand Final.  They’ll be deciding this on the cricket courts, winner takes all. 

Here’s a quick wrap up of each division. For all the tables head to:

Over 30s
We have a three-horse race here between Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  In2indoor previously picked third placed Victoria to take the title, but New South Wales’ run scoring prowess thanks to Liam Zammit’s constant flow of 7s could be the difference.

Over 35s
Queensland have a commanding lead here but their last game was an EXTREMELY tight one-run loss to Victoria, which came after their 7th straight win with consummate ease, where they downed their Northern cousins 140-65. Queensland should rebound here, but they are no longer unbeatable.  In2indoor picked Queensland for this division, which should hold true.

Over 40s
Queensland again have a commanding lead.  A huge lead.  In this case they’re unbeaten and with nearly 1500 runs scored with only conceding 300 runs, they don’t look like losing anytime soon.  In2indoor picked NZ Northern, which isn’t looking great at this point.  With 3 games to be played this morning, it’s hard to see them affecting the outcome of this division.

Over 45s
More of the same.  New South Wales are the challenger here, and could well pull it off.  They’ve scored plenty of runs, but they’re also conceding which they’ll need to fix if they want to challenge in2indoor’s prediction - Queensland to take the division.

Over 50s
For something a little different, we have New South Wales leading this competition.  With only 4 teams they’ve already booked their ticket in the Grand Final.  A Victorian win in the prelims would be great for New South Wales, but not great for in2indoor; we’ve picked Queensland.

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