2016 Australian Junior Championships - NSW dominate after 3 days

Photo Source - PowerShots Photography

As we move into Day 4 of the Australian Junior Championships the ladders are looking particularly blue with NSW commanding all divisions bar the 17 & Under Girls where Victoria, Queensland and SA are making it a real 3-way contest.

Later on in the week on Friday we will be live streaming two courts, but for now here's our take on the Juniors so far.

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13 & Under Boys

It's all NSW here. If it's not the Blues it's the Cyclones. They clash at 3:30 PM this afternoon which is sure to be a defining round of the 13's.

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14 & Under Girls

More of the same here, NSW are defeating all comers. NSW and Victoria clashed this morning and the result should determine who truly has the upper hand. UPDATE: Victoria nearly swallowed NSW this morning (scoresheet), elevating them to the top of a very tight division.

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15 & Under Boys

Queensland and NSW Cyclones are undefeated and currently playing this morning. It seems the morning of tournament defining games as the heavyweights of each competition all meet this morning. The only potential challenger is WA, but it's daylight to the remaining sides.

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17 & Under Boys

Just like the current parliament the Under 17 Boys is wide open. Victoria and NSW are both undefeated, but WA currently lead the way thanks to playing an extra game. It's way to early to make a call on who will top the table, but after tomorrow's games we should hopefully see signs of a dominating force.

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17 & Under Girls

Not to be outdone by the boys the Under 17 Girls is equally crowded at the top of the table. Victoria and SA are undefeated so far and Queensland are breathing down their necks. This division is interesting as NSW do not really feature, however one of the sides should make the Semi Finals and then once there anything can happen. Definitely a division to watch.

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