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Staying Motivated

While Australia is a sporting nation, some of us still find it hard to stay motivated when it comes to exercise. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated for your fitness program:

  • Choose forms of exercise that you will enjoy: One common reason for many people to “slack off” from their fitness program is because they are bored. Find exercise options that are enjoyable and fun for you. For example, if you don’t like the idea of running on treadmills at the gym, join an aerobics class. Also make sure you vary your exercise regime as doing the same thing every day will not only become a bore, it can increase the risk of injury.
  • Set aside time each day: By setting a convenient time each day for you to exercise, daily exercise can help become part of your routine, which will lead to less procrastination about whether or not to go for that morning run.
  • Join a team: Joining a local sports team like rugby or netball, or simply joining a new class at the gym can help you stay motivated as many people find that they are more likely to partake in regular classes or trainings in an effort not to let the team down or as part of their socialising during the week.
  • Make sure you listen to your body: It’s important to acknowledge that sometimes your body will say no to exercise. You may be over doing it and that can sometimes lead to quitting. The best option is to do a more moderate form of exercise or simply take a break. However, if you have any health problems or any recent injuries, make sure you see your doctor before commencing or re-commencing your exercise program. Also listen to your body while exercising post-injury to ensure that your injury is completely repaired and you are not provoking another injury.
  • Choose fitness options that are more likely to become part of your routine: All of us lead busy lives so when choosing classes or exercise options, make sure they are easy to commit to. There is no point joining an aerobics class, that occurs every 5pm on Tuesday if you work until 530pm. Also incorporate daily activities that will help increase your level of physical activity, this does not relate to formal exercise. For example, rather than take the lift to the office, climb the stairs.
  • Indoor and Outdoor options for exercise: Make sure you have options for exercise both indoors and out. You will then always have an option for exercise and you will less likely use the excuse of “It’s raining” to procrastinate.
  • Be patient: Weight loss and fitness does not come after one session and for many it is long term. Make sure you are patient with your fitness goals.