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Preparation & Training

  • Pre-season / preparatory training is essential to ensure you are adequately prepared for the competition phase of your sport. A high level of fitness will help to ensure that you are able to perform the desired level of skill whilst minimising the risk of injury. The training program should be graded so as not to constitute a high risk of injury.
  • Training phase is dependent on what stage of the season it is:
    • Periodisation is a staged training program which involves preparation phase, competition phase and rest / recovery phase
    • Smooth transition is required between these phases
    • A periodised program should be designed by your physician or an exercise scientist to minimise risk of injury and overtraining
  • Preparatory phase should include training techniques for:
    • Fitness (power, speed, endurance & strength)
    • Conditioning (muscle flexibility, imbalances & weakness)
    • Correction of technique
    • Motivation / Attitude
    • Sport specific skill
  • Competition phase involves maintenance of fitness and conditioning and ongoing development of sport specific skills and technique
  • Recovery phase is a period of reduced activity which enables the body to recover from the competition phase and be ready to commence the next training cycle